United States Navy Audio Visual Aids Training Library

CSR Refinery site and wharf/Cutters Landing Residential Apartments

Training facility
Brisbane City

66 Lamington Avenue, New Farm 4006

The United States (US) Naval Base, Navy 134, Brisbane serviced all naval personnel based in the South West Pacific Area during its time of operation. One of the important tasks conducted by the Base was training for the thousands of navy personnel passed through the City. To aid the process the Navy constructed a purpose-built facility to train ships crew in a variety of tasks.


The US Navy negotiated with the Colonial Sugar Refinery to use vacant land at the Refinery in New Farm rent-free. Buildings were erected by the Allied Works Council and US Navy personnel. The site was occupied from 13 January 1943, and included facilities for the Audio Visual Training Library #3, Night Lookout Training Centre, and the Aircraft and Surface Craft Recognition School.

The mission of the Library was to stock, distribute and service equipment used as audio-visual aids for both ships and shore-based units, and to organise training programs in the South West Pacific Area. The Library issued up to 450 training films a month. It was staffed by two officers and 10 enlisted men.

The Night Lookout Training Centre, and the Aircraft and Surface Craft Recognition School appear to have been part of the Anti-Submarine Warfare School that operated in a 30′ x 50′ Fibrolite building. The School provided training in anit-submarine attack procedures and doctrine for ships officers and crews arriving in Brisbane. The unit could train six ships crew per day.

When then facility was closed down from 18 January 1946, the site was used for a short time by the USN Fleet Post Office and DARA Group until occupied by the Royal Navy.


1946 BCC Aerial photography

USN Bureau of Yards & Docks Section, Defense Aid - Reciprocal and Review Board Report - General, US Naval Base, Navy 134, Brisbane (1946)

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