Booby Island RAN War Signal Station

Booby Island Light House

Radar/signal station
North and Cape York

Booby Island Light House, Booby Island 4875

Booby Island is a barren and rocky island of 6.5 hectares in area. Booby Island Lightstation is located on Booby Island. The island is part of the Prince of Wales Group off the tip of Cape York, 34 kilometres west of Thursday Island. The lightstation complex comprises the whole island (6.07 hectares). During the Second World War, the Royal Australian Navy utilised the site as a War Signal Station, tomonitir ship movements in the area.


Constructed in 1890, the 23rd lighthouse built by the Queensland government, it is still in use as part of the coastal navigation system and is a significant as a well-known landmark. Booby Island is associated with Captain James Cook and William Bligh. Booby Island was so named, due to the presence of the bird population, by Cook in 1770 and again by Bligh in 1789 during his boat journey following the mutiny on the Bounty.

The RAN war signal stations were manned by RAN personnel, and other sites at Archer Point, Goods Island, Wednesday Island, and Magnetic Island, ensured that the coast line was on alert against possible Japanese invasion.


Department of Environment and Heritage Protection Queensland Heritage Register site 16466