RAN Recruiting Depot and victualling store (HMAS Moreton)

HMAS Penguin IV (1939-40)/HMAS Brisbane (1940–42)

Naval/port facility
Brisbane City

195 Merthyr Road, New Farm 4005

For the early part of WWII existing buildings had been requisitioned to hold supplies for vessels operated from Brisbane by the Royal Australian Navy. In 1944 a purpose built Victualling Store was constructed at New Farm.


The two-story fibro-clad Naval Victualling Store built on the Brisbane River had approximately 6 acres (27360 sq ft) of floor space. The building was considered to be of an exemplary design, with a brick fireproof wall dividing the structure and and equipped with fireproof sliding doors and a sprinkler system.

A rail siding and loading platform with an electric crane enabled off-loading onto the concrete lower floor. The upper floor was timber on steel joists with concrete pillars, a departure from usual construction techniques in Brisbane. The first floor also held staff amenities including canteens and dining rooms and locker rooms. An electrically operated goods conveyor operated between floors.

The Stores had two wharves, the larger 326′ long and 50′ deep joining an inner wharf 320′ x 26′ with dock facilities to unload lighters or barges.

After the War the Stores formed the basis of HMAS Moreton and the site was an active RAN establishment until the mid-1990s.


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