15th Australian Field Baking Platoon Bakery

Ravenshoe Army Bakery

Supply facility
Atherton Tablelands

70 Grigg Street, Ravenshoe 4888

An empty concrete slab on a vacant allotment in Grigg Street, Ravenshoe, opposite the railway station, was the site of an Australian Army field bakery. During 1944 the bakery was operated by the bakers of 15 Australian Field Baking Platoon of the Australian Army Service Corps, 9th Division AIF.


The Ravenshoe Australian Army field bakery was one of a number of field bakeries in the Ravenshoe area that supplied fresh bread daily to the thousands of troops in the nearby encampments. The bakery originally occupied a much larger area than the surviving slab. The allotment of the present service station alongside, was used for the storage of cordwood for the ovens.


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