Camp Perry Park (United States Navy)

Perry Park

Supply facility
Brisbane City

Abbotsford Road, Bowen Hills 4006

The United States Navy initially established its Naval Supply Depot at New Farm Wharf near to the location of its Submarine Repair Unit. As the Base expanded it became necessary to move the Naval Supply Depot from New Farm Wharf. Some facilities were moved to Newstead Wharf, and others to Perry Park.


Perry Park was Brisbane City Council controlled public park approximately three miles from the Brisbane’s centre, and was considered 'an ideal location for the supply depot.' The park was obtained from the Brisbane City Council through the Australian Army Hiring Service, and a portion was transferred from US Army to US Navy.

A large Administration building, large warehouses with loading docks(which included a medical supply depot), quarters for enlisted personnel, and a specially constructed building for the US Navy’s Registered Publications Issuing Office were built in the Park, No 1 Store was built by AWC labour by December 1942, No 2 Store by contractor Carrick in January 1943. Local firm Baxter & Hargreaves had completed stores numbered 3 and 4 by September 1943, and No 5 Store was built towards the end of the year. A number of smaller buildings were also built in the park during the war.

The US Navy occupied the site from 7 November 1942 until 23 November 1945. Perry Park was transferred back to Australian Army Hiring Service and subsequently occupied by the Royal Australian Navy and Netherlands East Indies Government.


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