Roseneath Orderly Room "Bunker"

Private residence

Military accommodation

Karema Street, Roseneath 4811

This reinforced concrete building at Karema Street in Roseneath was constructed in 1942. Commonwealth archives list its function as both an administration hut and an orderly room. The Roseneath railway station was located slightly to the south.

This building was in the vicinity of several Australian and United States facilities which included the 'Shadow Exchange' at Stuart State School, Army Signals Communications Centre Roseneath, No.1 Wireless Unit, US Koala Ordnance Depot, Fifth Division HQ and 52 Australian Women’s Army Service (AWAS) Barracks.

An October 1946 RAAF disposals map lists this building and other camp huts at the junction of Stuart and Dick’s Creeks. This installation was occupied by both No.1 Wireless Unit and No.6 Central Recovery Unit during 1945-46.

The building was converted into a private residence with a second storey added c1955. Several streets at Roseneath were named to commemorate battles in New Guinea during the Pacific War (Nadzab, Madang, Bougainville, Moresby etc).


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