Naval Fuel Storage Tanks

Supply facility
North and Cape York

Summers Street, Thursday Island 4875

In junction with McArthur’s Moultrie Plan for Torres Strait of May 1943, which saw the reinforcement and defence of the area and the northern sea lanes, a proposal was forwarded for three fuel tanks on Thursday Island to cater for increased allied naval traffic. One 2000 ton oil tank for diesel distillate piping to be led to a suitable fuelling point clear of the existing deep water birth, and two 2500 tonne tanks for furnace and marine oil, with separate pipelines going to the main wharf of Port Kennedy. They were located on a Defence Purpose reserve adjacent to Summers Street with pipelines running down Hastings St to the main jetty, with tank 1 being of reinforced concrete and 2500 tonnes, while tanks 2 and 3 were of welded steel construction with 2000 tonnes capacity. All tanks were dug into Milman Hill providing excellent camouflage.


Vanessa Seekee Torres Strait Heritage