US Base Section 2 Head Quarters (Bayview Private Hospital)

Military accommodation

2 Victoria Street, Stanton Hill, Townsville 4810

Bayview Private Hospital was located near the corner of Hale and Murray Streets on Stanton Hill.


The 208th Coastal Artillery Anti Aircraft Regiment (208th CA A/A) arrived in Townsville from the United States via Brisbane in March 1942. Battery’s A - H were located in various Townsville locations which included Oonoonba,, Magazine Island, Pallarenda, Cape Cleveland and Stanton Hill.

The Bayview Private Hospital was hired by US forces on 15 April 1942 from Doctor (Major O’Neil) while he was serving in the military. Battery D of the 208th CA AA soon moved into Bayview as the strategic vantage point of Our Lady’s Mount Christian Brother School was nearby. Four three-inch anti-aircraft guns were located within its grounds overlooking Cleveland Bay and the Townsville Port.

By January 1943 the Director of Hiring’s reported that the 208th were no longer in occupation and that Bayview now accommodated the Women’s National Emergency League (WNEL). These women were employed by United States forces as staff car drivers.

Units and town houses now cover the site of both the Christian Brothers College and Bayview Private Hospital.


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