United States (US) 8th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron

Cheviot Flats


630 Sturt Street, Townsville 4810

The United States (US) 8th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron used these flats as a photographic development laboratory from early May, 1942.


The 8th Squadron were equipped with F4 P-38 Lighting aircraft. These were essentially fighter aircraft that had their guns removed and replaced with cameras for taking images of enemy positions. Information gained from these dangerous flyover missions was processed by Intelligence Officers with air attacks subsequently ordered on enemy positions. This Squadron was credited with heavy contributions in photographic intelligence regarding the Japanese fleet before the resulting battle of the Coral Sea.

Although the Squadron was based near Port Moresby, they regularly visited Townsville for photographic missions and aircraft servicing at nearby Garbutt airfield.


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Ray Holyoak (contributing author).