RAAF No.3 Recruiting Centre Unit

RAAF Recruiting Centre

Training facility
Brisbane City

35-37 Creek Street, Brisbane 4000

No.3 RAAF Recruiting Centre commenced taking enlistments for the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) in Brisbane in September 1939. On 4 December 1939, it was formally taken onto the establishment of the RAAF and became No.3 RAAF Recruiting Centre Unit. Its headquarters was established in offices on Creek Street in Brisbane’s City Centre and it remained in the building for the duration.


No.3 RAAF Recruiting Centre was established in Brisbane during the first month of World War Two. The Centre leased office space in a building located in Creek Street in Brisbane’s CBD on 29 September 1939. By 6 November, the first 36 Brisbane recruits to join the RAAF in the Second World War had enlisted through the Centre. No.3 RAAF Recruiting Centre was formally recognised as a unit of the RAAF on 4 December 1939.

Having a small establishment, the Unit initially only warranted an administrator who acted as the Unit’s adjutant. This was Flying Officer C.G. Williams. Pilot Officer P.J.B. Dawkins replaced him on 19 August 1941. In December 1941, No.3 RAAF Recruiting Centre Unit finally received its first commanding officer Squadron Leader K.L. Williams.

The Unit was responsible for RAAF recruitment throughout Queensland. Mobile Recruitment Teams visited towns and cities across the state encouraging enlistments in the RAAF and then conducting an on-the-spot initial assessment of each applicant.

On 9 February 1943, Squadron Leader T.A. Humble became the Unit commander. Such was the demand for replacement aircrew that by August 1943, No.3 RAAF Recruiting Centre Unit had grown to a strength of 23 officers, 54 airmen and 50 embers of the Women’s Auxiliary Australian Air Force (WAAAF). Still, the Unit was under strength as its full establishment was 221 personnel.

Flight Lieutenant K. Millbrook was appointed the Unit commander on 1 March 1944. Enlistments for joining the RAAF to be trained as aircrew ended in May 1945. Thereafter only recruits who wanted to train as ground crew were accepted. The Unit disbanded on 2 November 1945.


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