6th Australian Camp Hospital

Military camp
North and Cape York

Douglas Street, Thursday Island 4875

Due to an influx of troops and airmen into Queensland and the establishment of their camps in 1942–1943, some thirteen smaller camp hospitals were constructed. They were much more primitive than the larger general hospitals, though Thursday Island certainly had the advantage as they took over the use of the existing civilian hospital. During October 1941, the Army began investigating the usage of the Thursday Island hospital to house defence force personnel, however the existing hospital required urgent upgrades to existing equipment and extensions to allow extra beds. It was seen to be more economical to update the existing hospital and not build an entirely new one. A new ward and operating theatre were constructed between February and March 1942, bringing the capacity of the hospital to 67 beds. Two civilian nurses at the hospital joined the service and became nursing sisters, joined by seven others from south to constitute the nursing staff of the 6 Australian Camp Hospital.


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