3rd Australian Detention Barracks

Warwick Detention Camp

Internment/POW facility
Darling Downs

New England Highway (cnr Flitcroft Street), Warwick 4370

The site of the Australian Army’s Detention Barracks at Warwick is located on the south side of Warwick, east of the New England Highway and north of Flitcroft Street. Quinn Street and Carmody Street run across the site of the compound and exercise yard, which has been subdivided and developed since World War II.


During late 1943 action was taken to court martial “certain warrant-officers, NCOs, and soldiers on charges of maltreatment” of prisoners at the Warwick Detention Barracks, but the men were acquitted. In March 1944 a Medical Officer (MO) who was suspended due to allegations against him was reappointed to his part-time position as MO at Warwick. The Detention Barracks at Warwick were also reputedly the scene of violent riots during the war.


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Dunn, P. Warwick Detention Barracks Warwick, Qld used by the military during WW2