17th Australian Personnel Staging Camp (APSC)

Kalinga Park

Military camp
Brisbane City

Bertha, Henry and Kalinga Streets, Wooloowin 4030

Brisbane City Council’s Kalinga Park was selected as the site for a large Commonwealth Military Forces staging camp for use by troops moving between postings or when on leave. It was pre-war park containing Anzac Memorial Gates and a World War One Memorial Digger’s Rest drive running beside Kedron Brook.


The erection of the large camp, the 17th Australian Personnel Staging Camp, necessitated the removal of the park’s bandstand, and the installation of significant accommodation and services for troops. These included and administration block, barracks, ablutions and shower facilities, messes for officers, sergeants and other ranks, wet and dry canteens, stores, a theatre, YMCA hall, butcher shop, pay office, regimental aid post and a post office.

The Australian 8th Mobile Ambulance Company was also based at Kalinga Park.

The former Post Office building is the only one which remains on site. After the War it was moved to the western end of the park and was been modified for use by a local Scout group.


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