Camp Tennyson - 1 Australian Staging Camp

Yeerongpilly Golf Course/Queensland Tennis Centre

Military camp
Greater Brisbane

Tennyson Memorial Avenue, Yeerongpilly 4105

The 1 Australian Personnel Staging Camp at Tennyson was located on the northern and southern sides of Tennyson Memorial Avenue. Utilised as a camp for the transfer of troops north to other training centres, or south to home bases and/or rest camps, the existence of the camp is thought to have been on the locations of the current Queensland Tennis Centre and the Brisbane Golf Club, known as Yeerongpilly Golf Links during WW2.


The staging camp was broken into company areas and utilised wooden huts for accomodation of the troops, the site was sewered and planned in arrangement, indicating a semi-permanent arrangement for the duration of the war. Unlike other transient camps throughout Queensland, the No.1 Staging Camp would have serviced a large number of men during the time.

Huts were arranged around central headquarters and a parade ground. As a staginf camp there were quaertmaster stores and recreation facilities. The presence of a sotckade or compound also indicates the permanency of the site for the duration.

This site is historically significant to Brisbane and Queensland’s war time heritage. If you have images of or information relating to the 1 Australian Personnel Staging Camp, please contact us at