Camp Raceview (United States Army)

Camp Doomben Extension

Military camp
Greater Brisbane

Raceview Avenue, Hendra 4011

Brisbane became a hub of military activity during the war, with major transit camps established throughout the area by United States forces from 1941 until 1945. Approximately one million Americans were quartered at these camps, at one time or another, either waiting to move north into the war zones, returning on R and R from the battles or performing support roles.


Following the development of Camp Ascot at Eagle Farm Racecoursse, the US Army established Camp Doomben. The second of Brisbane’s racecourses in the vicinity, Doomben was opposite Camp Ascot, across busy Nudgee Road, and was taken over by hundreds of tents, which covered the racecourse and buildings and grandstands were converted into offices.

Due to the rapid expansion of Camp Doomben, the area expanded to cross Raceview Avenue, north of the racecourse and the vacant land of the quiet Hendra suburb became Camp Raceview. Nothing remains to indicate that the Americans occupied the position, but some Commonwealth Land in the area is still vacant. Today, the Gateway Motorway cuts through the eastern section of the area.


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