Camp Hugh Street

United States Army Camp

Military accommodation

Hugh Street (cnr Harold Street), West End 4810

In August 1943, “Camp Hugh Street” was constructed by the Allied Works Council for the American Army at the junction of Harold and Hugh Streets (near the present Harold Phillips Park). A November 1944 plan of the site mentions all buildings were constructed of fibro cement and were occupied by Air Transport Command. An April 1946 site plan lists 15 separate buildings as sleeping quarters. Others included mess and recreation huts, ablutions and barracks.


Several Australian and United States (US) units were located in the suburb of West End utilising both prefabricated and requisitioned buildings. US Officers Quarters were located at Cutharinga Park and Leigh, Ralston, Francis and Stagpole Streets housed Signals, Air Force, Intelligence and Radar units during 1942–1945.

By February 1945 the US had vacated and the camp was being used as accommodation for Royal Australian Air Force transport squadrons.

In 1946 Camp Hugh Street and other ex-military buildings in Francis Street were listed for disposal as surplus assets.

Aerial imagery reveals that all buildings at Camp Hugh Street had been removed by 1952 with only the semi-circular graveled road still visible.


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