Gladstone (Port Curtis) Seaplane Base

Port Curtis Sea Plane Alighting Area


Port Curtis Channel, Gladstone 4680

During WWII, Gladstone was home to the Port Curtis Seaplane Base and its accompanying alighting area. Located within the Port Curtis channel, north of Auckland Point, the alighting area was approximately six square kilometres in area. It also, included a number of mooring buoys just near the mouth of Auckland Creek. Land based facilities were limited to crew quarters and a bomb dump.

There was also an alternative alighting area within the Calliope River, west of the main town centre.


This historic place is significant within Queensland’s WWII heritage. If you have infiormation regarding or images of the location, please contact us at


NAA Series A9716 511. Barcode 1787216 - RAAF- Directorate of Works and Buildings - Engineer Intel Section - Gladstone, 1943 - 1944.