1st Australian Salvage Depot

Enoggera Salvage Area

Supply facility
Greater Brisbane

Wardell and Lloyd Streets, Enoggera 4051

The 1st Australian Salvage Depot camp was located on the southern side of Lloyd Street, not far from the current entrance to Gallipoli Barracks. It occupied the south-western corner at the intersection of Lloyd and Wardell Streets. The current site is now owned by the Defence Housing Authority. The camp contained barracks, tented areas, and mess and recreation facilities. The task of the salvage units was to recycle, re-use and re-condition equipment for the war effort.


Within the salvage area, items ranging from boots to tyres and aircraft parts to fuel drums were stored, sorted and re-distributed. At one stage during the war, it was estimated that there was at least 500 tonnes of aircraft parts stored.

This is a significant historic place within Queensland’s WWII heritage. If you have images of or information about the Salvage Depot, please contact us at heritage@des.qld.gov.au.


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