Annerley Drill Hall

7th Base Ordnance Depot

Training facility
Brisbane City

158 Dudley Street, Annerley 4103

Originally known as the Junction Park Drill Hall, this hall was constructed in the south eastern corner of the site facing Dudley Street during WWI. A simple gable roofed hall it is of a general type constructed in other parts of Queensland from around 1914. It had a single large space with offices arranged down one side of the building. Drill halls like this were designed to allow all-weather training for local militia as well as provide an office each for those units that might share use of the site.


Annerley drill hall became the headquarters and offices of the 2nd Brigade Area and Machine Gun Section 2nd Light Horse, Headquarters Machine Gun Section and two companies of the Ninth Infantry, area office and store 9A and for two companies of cadets. In addition to these companies, the 3rd AMC (Field Ambulance) and the 34th AMC (Company) were also placed at the site.

During World War II, encampments for personnel of the Australian and United States armed forces were placed wherever space could be provided. Training depots like the one at Annerley provided a range of facilities for the garrison troops. At the end of the war the site is believed to have been used by 7th Base Ordnance Depot for the storage of 3.7-inch static anti-aircraft guns.


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