Reid House

RAAF and RAN Heaquaters, Offices and Billets

Military accommodation
Brisbane City

132-148 Edward Street, Brisbane 4000

'Reid House' (now demolished) was a multi-storey City building that was leased by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and the Royal Australian Navy to provide office accommodation for their administrative sub-units. Each unit had a different period of lease to the others, with military office established on the Ground and First Floors of 'Reid House. Units that had offices there included the RAAF Area Finance Office, the RAAF Canteen Services office, the RAAF State Welfare Section, the RAN Construction Branch the and the RAAF Wireless Transmitting Station.


Ground Floor: RAAF Area Finance Office & RAAF Canteen Services

RAAF Canteen Services Northern Region office was established in Brisbane soon after the RAAF Canteen Services Unit was formed in Melbourne on 1 May 1943. The Northern Region office was placed on the Ground Floor of 'Reid House'. This allowed RAAF and WAAF members to walk in off the street and into the RAAF canteen where they could purchase personal items, engage in leisure activities or even visit the hairdresser. Christmas was a particularly busy time for the canteen. On 10 July 1944, Northern Region was renamed RAAF Canteen Services South Queensland Region. Alcohol was not served at the Edward Street RAAF canteen but cigarettes were available, though rationed. In February 1945, the Service’s tobacco ration dropped from 105 to 60 cigarettes per week and from 3 to 2 ounces of tobacco per week. The RAAF Canteen Services South Queensland Region office had closed by March 1946.

1st Floor: RAAF State Welfare Section, Royal Australian Navy Construction Branch & RAAF Wireless Transmitting Station.

The Brisbane RAAF Wireless Transmitting Station was formed on 15 May 1942. Led by Flying Officer Hine, the Station leased office space on the First Floor of 'Reid House' in Edward Street in Brisbane’s CBD. Its wireless circuit boards were connected to the Melbourne RAAF Wireless Transmitting Station, eastern Area Command and Port Moresby Command. The Station operated teleprinters linked to the RAAF Stations at Amberley, Archerfield, Sandgate, no.3 Base Supply Depot (BSD) at Spring Hill, Townsville, Eastern Area CTO, US Army’s Base Section 3 in Brisbane and USS Griffen. On 30 July 1942, Flying Officer Balmer became the new commander; followed by Pilot Officer A. Evans on 3 September 1942; Flight Lieutenant R. Travers on 12 October 1943; Pilot Officer J.W. Sexton on 14 December 1943; Flight Lieutenant K.J. Martin on 14 June 1944 and Squadron Leader S.G. Edwards on 26 September 1944. In January 1945, the Station was redesignated Brisbane Telecommunications Unit. Squadron Leader A.L. Wallbridge took command on 13 December 1945, followed by the Unit’s final commander Squadron Leader A. Crudgington on 17 June 1946. The Unit’s last responsibility was to oversee the closure of the RAAF Zillmere Remote Receiving Station on 4 September 1946. It disbanded on 26 September 1946.


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