116 Australian General Hospital

Mt Carmel College, Charters Towers

Medical facility

6-8 Hackett Terrace, Charters Towers 4820

116 AGH, was established in January 1942 at the Charters Towers racecourse. Nursing sisters and patients were later relocated to the requisitioned Mount Carmel College, which adjoined Charters Towers airfield.


By 17 March 1942, 116 AGH had moved into Mount Carmel College, in Hackett Street, Charters Towers. It was acquired by the Hirings Section, No. 1 Lines of Communication (No. 1 L of C). Initially only the Christian Brother’s residence was utilised, but eventually the whole school was obtained.

The Headmaster, Brother John Vivian Mahony, the other brothers and 30 boarders lived in cramped surroundings at “The Retreat", a residence opposite St. Mary’s playground. The Army helped them to move beds, lockers, desks, tables and all their necessary items. The 30 boarders and 40 day students somehow managed to hold classes.

In early 1943, the primary boys took up residence at the Park Hotel, with the classroom set up in the bar. Mount Carmel was returned to the school in 1944.


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