United States 84th Station Hospital

St Gabriels School

Medical facility

St Gabriels School, 29 Gordon Street, Charters Towers 4820

St. Gabriel’s School was located between Prior Street and Gordon Street, Charters Towers, Queensland. It was commandeered by the US military for use as the 84th US Station Hospital in 1942. The school and its girl’s classes moved to the Royal Hotel at Richmond, west of Charters Tower on the 7 May 1942 and along with the boys school of All Soul's, the schools continued with large numbers of boarders coming to enjoy a 'Souls' or 'Gabes' education.

The school gynasium and grandstand area were utilised. A house from nearby Gordon Street was moved to the school site for use as the hospital. A large Red Cross was painted on the corrigated iron roofing to idenifiy the medical facility.

The American Military Hospital left the school in June 1944 and the students quickly returned. After the war, the school utilised one of the army huts as a meal room. It is now used as a prep room.

By the 1970s many co-educational classes were being conducted and by 1990 the two schools had merged on the All Souls’ campus, forming All Soul’s St Gabriels.


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