USN Radio Brisbane

USN Air Station Transmitter

Radar/signal station
Brisbane City

Lytton Road, Colmslie 4170

The US Navy Transmitting Station, known as 'Radio Brisbane' was constructed by direction of the Commander, US Navy Seventh Fleet. Its purpose was to allow rapid communications initially for Commander Task Force 72, then for Commander Task Group 71.9, as well as CSB-53, SubDiv-53, Submarine Repair Unit Brisbane, Torpedo Overhaul Unit Brisbane, and as a relaying station for CSS-16, CSD-162, USS Orion, and CTG-71.5


It was erected within the same wooded area located above the US Navy seaplane base at Colmslie. Occupation of the site commenced from 9 September 1942. The station operated from a prefabricated building of over 1200 sq feet. The transmitter had a range of approximately 1300 miles, and was used in conjunction with another transmitter located at Bulimba. The 16 officers and 61 enlisted men who operated the Radio Brisbane used the same quarters and facilities erected for the seaplane base.

The property was finally vacated by the USN on 27 March 1945, and occupied by the Royal Navy.


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