10th Australian Camp Hospital

'Erica' (residence of Edith Marion Lahey); St Xavier’s Hospital and Special School; Currently Community Centre, The Village Retirement Facility

Medical facility
Brisbane City

39 Beresford Terrace, Coorparoo 4151

The large and impressive home 'Erica', was utilised by the Australian Army as the 10th Australian Camp Hospital during the war. Linked to the 101st Australian Convalescent Depot at Loreto Convent nearby, the home had been owned by thetimber merchant family ofIsaiah and Edith Lahey.


Bought from Thomas Mulhall King, who held the positions of Collector of Customs in Queensland from 1882; Chief Inspector of Distilleries; Member of the Immigration Board, and eventually Auditor General. The Lahey family made some alterations to the property, includuing down-sizing the land area.

During the war, the property was requisitioned by the army and utilised throughout.

In 1947, Mrs Lahey sold Erica to the Catholic Church, who established the Xavier Home for Crippled Children. It seems likely that the labyrinth of ramps, shown on the northern side of the house in Council drawings, were constructed at this time. The Church has owned and developed the site until the present, accommodating hospital, aged care and residential facilities. During this period, Erica has been altered, particularly cosmetically with the addition of a brick veneer. Most recently, it has been the home of the Sisters of the Franciscan Missionary of Mary.

The house is currently being restored and will become the community centre for The Village at Coorparoo, a retirement facility.

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