Camp Seabee

USN Advanced Base Construction Depot

Military camp
Brisbane City

104 Lavarack Avenue, Eagle Farm 4009

Most of the early construction of buildings, etc. required by the United States Navy in Brisbane during WWII was prefabricated by US Naval Construction Battalions. The officer and enlisted personnel of the average construction battalion approximated eleven hundred men, and it was therefore necessary to construct a camp of sufficient size to accommodate all the men of the battalion and any additional men sent to Brisbane to the Construction Battalion Receiving and Staging Camp. The Advance Construction Depot was established by direction of Commander Seventh Fleet.


The 55th Naval Construction Battalion (NCB) was the first battalion to arrive in Brisbane and it was temporarily quartered by the US Army until the completion of Camp Seabee. Camp Seabee was occupied by the US Navy from 23 March, 1943 to 7 August 1945.

The 55th NCB was followed by the 84th NCB, then by the 564th Construction Battalion Maintenance Unit, and later by the 77th NCB. The 77th NCB was used to complete some of the larger activities. The Advanced Base Construction Depot adjoined Camp Seabee and was operated by construction battalion personnel from 23 March 1943 to 16 October 1945.

The property was returned to Australian Army Hirings Service after the US Navy vacated the property. Camp Seabee was immediately occupied by the Royal Navy, and the Advanced Base Construction Depot was occupied by the Australian Military Forces.


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