Army Airways Communication Service (US)

US Bomber Operations Room (or US Air Signals Igloo), Garbutt to AACS Bohle River

Radar/signal station

Enterprise Street, Garbutt 4814

On 21 July 1941, a block of approx forty-two acres of dairy farm land near the Bohle River was compulsory acquired under National Security Regulations. This was for the purpose of constructing a remote receiving station for the RAAF.

It was fenced off and substantial buildings were erected. The receiving station was a communication facility between ground control and aircraft.


The former owner, Robert E Swindley later claimed he had not been paid proper compensation as the block was his livelihood and he had intended to sell the ironbark on the property for fence posts.

At the commencement of the Pacific War the receiving station it became a joint operation with US Forces and was renamed the Army Airways Communication Service, Bohle River.

Part of the original landholding is still operated by the RAAF as a receiving station and is off limits to the public.


Townsville Queensland Remote receiving Station hiring of site 1942–1949, A705/1, 171/19/225 ACT.