157th Light Anti-Aircraft Battery and Company Camp

North and Cape York

Horn Island Airfield, Horn Island 4875

This unit was raised in Canterbury, NSW in June 1942, under the command of Captain Newland, an experienced Middle East campaigner. After training, the unit arrived at Horn Island on 26 October 1942 with twelve 40mm Bofors guns, Predictors, generators, trucks and other equipment. During the war A troop was positioned on Thursday, Goodes and Horn Island protecting artillery, and at the Horn Island airstrip. B troop was positioned alongside the runway at Horn Island and on the ridges overlooking the airstrip, providing protective firepower. The battery took part in inter unit sporting competitions, constructed a swimming pool by damming up Vidgen Creek, and took part in the rescue of the passengers and crew of 'Tojo’s Nightmare'. The unit departed the island in October 1944.


Vanessa Seekee Torres Strait Heritage