Camp Tasman: United States 172nd Station Hospital

Nudgee Junior College

Military camp
Brisbane City

Camp Tasman: United States 172nd Station Hospital, Indooroopilly 4068

During 1942 the students at Nudgee Junior College were evacuated and extensions and additions were made to the school to enable it to be used as a hospital. The US Army occupied the site as the 172nd Station Hospital.


Approximately 160 personnel were stationed there. Part of the school was turned into an Orthopaedic Ward, and another outlying building as an officers quarters, Nurses quarters, recreation buildings, and barrack huts were erected over across the site. Allegedly the hospital treated survivors from the USS Sims and the US tanker Neosho which were sunk during the Battle of the Coral Sea.

The Red Cross also had programs for rehabilitation that were undertaken at the hospital.

The Far East Liaison Office, a military propaganda section of the secret Allied Intelligence Bureau, operated personnel in Japanese-occupied countries during the war. One of its bases on mainland Australia was at a small facility known as Camp Tasman, located at the Nudgee Junior College. The Camp included quarters and offices for FELO personnel.

It is possible that the school was considered as, or used for a training depot for the WAAAF during 1942.


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