Kenmore Sanitorium

Kenmore Repartiation Hospital/Fairview War Veterans’ Home/Fairview RSL Care

Medical facility
Brisbane City

2603 Moggill Road, Pinjarra Hills 4069

Construction of the Kenmore Sanitorium for sufferers of tuberculosis commenced in 1943, the Allied Works Council undertaking the work for the Department of Repatriation.


By August 1944 the chalet-style building had been erected on the 43-acre site. Allied Work Council reports described it as located “on a pleasant ridge which commands delightful and expansive views."

The sanitorium catered initially for 32 patients in one, two and four bed wards. Temporary quarters were erected for nursing staff

The Sanitorium was officially opened in 1945 and was converted to a Repatriation Hospital after the war. It closed on 24 April 1994, after which it was demolished. In 1998 the Fairview War Veterans’ Home was opened on the former hospital site.


NAA digital plans

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