Mackay Airfield

Mackay Airport


East Boundary Road, Mackay 4740

At the outbreak of the Second World War a Civil landing area (DCA LG 260) existed on the site south of the Mackay city centre. Located on the coast it was logical that this should be developed if only for the north-south ferry service. The cross runways initiated in 1942, remain those still in use today, though significantly improved for modern airline traffic.


An American Air Force veteran with extensive service throughout the eastern seaboard of Australia, Walter Maiersperger by name was one who kept significant diary notes and photos of that time.

Mackay served as a principal 'R&R' location, particularly for American servicemen during 1942–1945. US veterans with fond memories of such periods have revisited the city and made contact with researchers of the local military history. While some have visited to see again a place of respite association, others have recalled the disastrous crash of an early model B-17 bomber fitted out for such R&R transport duty. The aircraft after taking off from Mackay came to grief south of the city near Baker’s Creek.


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