American Officer’s Mess and Sleeping Accommodation

Hotel Mackay

Military accommodation

179 Victoria Street, Mackay 4740

During the Second World War, the United States Army Air Corps established rest and recreation facilities in Mackay Queensland, Australia. The Mackay Hotel was utilised as an American Officer’s Mess and Sleeping Accommodation facility.


From the end of January 1943 until early 1944, thousands of United States servicemen were ferried almost daily from New Guinea to Mackay by air transport to spend around 10 days on furlough (R&R). They were usually carried by two B-17 Flying Fortesses converted for transport duties and an LB-30 (civil transport version of the B-24 Liberator bomber), stationed in Mackay with the 46th Troop Carrier Squadron, whose parent Unit was stationed in Townsville, Queensland. One of these aircraft crashed at Bakers Creek, south of Mackay.


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