85th Station Hospital, Base Section Two

VD Hospital

Medical facility

Giru Woodstock Road, Majors Creek 4816

The location of a 'portable hospital' is mentioned in the archives at both Majors Creek and Woodstock. These refer to a single hospital that was located adjacent to the Woodstock-Giru Road at Majors Creek.


The US 135th Medical Regiment was set up at Majors Creek on 25 April 1942 with patients of a convalescent/rehabilitation class hospitalised here. The hospital also specialised in the care and rehabilitation of patients who had contracted venereal diseases and this was the primary reason for its isolated location. The 2nd Field Hospital subsequently managed this hospital later in 1942. In turn it would be taken over by the 9th Portable Hospital and later the 85th Station Hospital.

The hospital initially had 150 beds with the capability to expand to 350 extra in an emergency by using tents.

In June 1943, a 1000 bed hospital was completed consisting of semi-permanent buildings and the use of tents was then discontinued. A large stage and projection booth for movies was also on site for the entertainment of staff and patients.

The 85th Station Hospital was closed on 31 January 1944. Buildings from this location were transported to the 13th Station Hospital at Aitkenvale (Hatchett Street) and the 44th General Hospital at Black River (Church Road). They were then re-used for Red Cross facilities and two became Chapels.


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