Kowguran Explosives Storage Depot

Possum Park Ammunition Bunkers

Ammunition facility
Darling Downs

Leichhardt Highway, Kowguran 4415

Built by the Queensland Main Roads Commission (MRC) in 1942, the Kowguran Explosives Storage Depot, 20 kilometres north of Miles, consisted of approximately 20 reinforced concrete and other underground bomb storage facilities, spaced around a heavily wooded site. Each storage bunker was about 60 metres long and covered by at least 4 metres of earth. The site is now utilised as Possum Park Self Contained Accommodation.

Located on a hill, east of the Leichhardt Highway, the Area Explosives Reserve was manned by 3 Central Reserve (RAAF) which was formed at Kowguran on 18 August 1943. Fifty nine men were employed on the development of the project which had an estimated value of £22,723. A ring road linked all the bunkers and had full access to the nearby rail facilities.


The 135 hectare site was purchased by David and Julie Hinds in 1985 and turned into Possum Park, a local holiday destination. A number of the underground bunkers were converted into self-contained underground motel units. Very effective original ventilation and the insulation of the site is still utilised. Elsewhere on the property, above ground “Troop train” railway carriages are offered as extra accommodation. Tent sites are also available. The old RAAF parade ground on the top of the hill is now used as the camping area. A small museum known as the “Brisbane Line” room displays weapons, uniforms and other memorabilia from the Second World War.

Contact details for the current site can be found at Possum Park


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