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Camp Wallaroo and Ordnance Dumps

Duaringa State Forest

  • Military camp
  • Fitzroy-Mackay

Duaringa State Forest, Duaringa 4712

Between mid 1942 and early 1944 Rockhampton was home to two of the four full US Army Divisions (the 24th, 32nd and 41st Infantry divisions, and the 1st Cavalry Division) which trained in Queensland During World War II. The 41st Division arrived in Rockhampton in July 1942 and was accommodated in Camp Rockhampton, and the 24th Infantry Division arrived in Rockhampton in September 1943 and was accommodated in Camp Caves. Both divisions were part of the US I (1st) Corps under Major General Robert L. Eichelberger, his headquarters having arrived in Rockhampton in August 1942.

An ordnance dump was located inland from Rockhampton, north of the Central Railway line, to the west of Duaringa near Wallaroo. The land for the camp site and motor pool (Area 'A', located north of the Capricorn Highway, to the east of Wabbler Road) and the northern ordnance dump (Area 'B', located about 5 km northwest of Area 'A') was acquired in July 1942, while the land for the southern ordnance dump (Area 'C', located north of the Capricorn Highway, about 4km west of Wabbler Road) was acquired in December 1942. The last unit in occupation was the 636 Ordnance Company, an African-American unit, and all areas were vacated 1 January 1944.

Buildings in the camp area included a mess kitchen, bathhouse, recreation building, administration building, two water tanks and 4 latrines. Construction was carried out by the Public Works Department, RL Schofield and troop labour. A 108′ (33m) high timber fire watch tower was constructed by the Public Works Department just northwest of Area 'B'.


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