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NamePlace typeSuburb
102nd Australian Casualty Clearing Station
Skull Creek Hospital
Medical facilityMedical facilityBamaga
ANA/ADAT Douglas C-49/VH-CXD Transport Wreckage
Higgins Advanced Operational Base (AOB)/Bamaga-Injinoo Airport
Aircraft wreckAircraft wreckBamaga
Beaufort A9-190 Wreckage
Higgins Advanced Operational Base/ Bamaga-Injinoo Airport.
Aircraft wreckAircraft wreckBamaga
Higgins Airfield (Bamaga Higgins RAAF Advanced Operational Base)
Red Point, Red Island or Red Island Point Airfield, Jacky Jacky Airfield
Booby Island RAN War Signal Station
Booby Island Light House
Radar/signal stationRadar/signal stationBooby Island
Cape York Telegraph Station
Cape York Post Office
Radar/signal stationRadar/signal stationCape York
Cape York Telephone Carrier StationRadar/signal stationRadar/signal stationCape York
Coen RAAF Advanced Operational Base (AOB)
Coen Airport
Coen Telephone Carrier Station
Coen Telephone Repeater Station
Radar/signal stationRadar/signal stationCoen
Archer Point Royal Australian Navy (RAN) War Signal Station
Archer Point Conservation Park
Radar/signal stationRadar/signal stationCooktown
Cooktown Aeradio Station
Cooktown Civil Aerodrome
Cooktown Coastal Radio Station
AWA Coastal Radio Service Station
Radar/signal stationRadar/signal stationCooktown
Cooktown Mission Strip and Eight Mile Mission Site
Cooktown Airport
Cooktown Mission Strip Civil Construction Corps (CCC) Camp (1942)
Eight Mile Farm
Military campMilitary campCooktown
Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) 44/56 Radar Station
Radar Station military camp
Radar/signal stationRadar/signal stationCooktown
US 104th Coastal Artillery (Anti-Aircraft) Camp
Cooktown Mission Airstrip
United States 7th Fleet Radio Unit Station
James Cook Historical Museum (former St Mary’s Convent)
Radar/signal stationRadar/signal stationCooktown
Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) 27 Radar Station
Dunk Island, Family Islands National Park
Radar/signal stationRadar/signal stationDunk Island
Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Landing Ground, Carpentaria Downs
Carpentaria Downs Station
Endeavour Coastal Battery
Entrance (Zuna) Island, Endeavour Battery
FortificationsFortificationsEntrance Island
Giru AirfieldAirfieldAirfieldGiru
Goods Battery, Signal Station and Quoin Point Campsite
Goodes Battery, Goodes Island
FortificationsFortificationsGoodes Island (Palilug Island)
‘Q’ Australian Heavy Battery and Army Signal Station
Turtle Battery and RAAF 36 Radar Station site
FortificationsFortificationsHammond Island (Keriri Island)
USAAF B-24 Consolidated Liberator 41-23825 Wreckage
'Texas Terror'
Aircraft wreckAircraft wreckHinchinbrook Island
157th Light Anti-Aircraft Battery and Company CampFortificationsFortificationsHorn Island
1st Australian Camp HospitalMilitary campMilitary campHorn Island
26th Infantry Militia Battalion beach defences
26th Infantry Militia Battalion camp
FortificationsFortificationsHorn Island
B-17E Aircraft, Serial Number 41-2497
"Tojo’s Nightmare"
Aircraft wreckAircraft wreckHorn Island
5th Machine Gun Battalion CampMilitary campMilitary campHorn Island
Fuel Dump Dispersal AreaSupply facilitySupply facilityHorn Island
Horn Island Airfield
Horn Island (Ngurapai) Airport
AirfieldAirfieldHorn Island
RAAF 36 Radar Station, Horn Hill
Horn Island Radar Station
Radar/signal stationRadar/signal stationHorn Island
USAAF Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Bomber 41-2421Aircraft wreckAircraft wreckHorn Island
Remnants of a WW2 Water Tank BaseSupply facilitySupply facilityHorn Island
Water tank bases (4)Supply facilitySupply facilityHorn Island
RAAF 52 Radar Station
Mutee Head Radar Station
Radar/signal stationRadar/signal stationInjinoo
Iron Range United States Army - Australian Bakery
USA RAAF Australian Bakery
Supply facilitySupply facilityIron Range
Iron Range USAAF/RAAF Advanced Operational Base
Portland Roads Airfield; Gordon, Claudie and New Claudie airstrips; Lockhart River Airport (former Gordon airstrip)
AirfieldAirfieldIron Range
Portland Roads Coastal batteryFortificationsFortificationsIron Range
Portlands Road JettyNaval/port facilityNaval/port facilityIron Range
Mitchell River Airfield
Mitchell River Mission
USAAF Consolidated B-24 Liberator Bomber 41-23924
Aircraft wreckAircraft wreckLockhart
Royal Australian Air Force 53 Radar Station
Mount Lookout/Radar Hill
Radar/signal stationRadar/signal stationMount Surprise
26th Australian Infantry battalionFortificationsFortificationsHorn Island
Palm Island AirfieldAirfieldAirfieldPalm Island
Sellheim Military CampMilitary campMilitary campSellheim
Torres Strait Signals Office
Thursday Island Post Office
Radar/signal stationRadar/signal stationThursday Island
Royal Australian Navy (RAN) Fuel WharfNaval/port facilityNaval/port facilityThursday Island
Green Hill Fort and Wireless Station
Fort Victoria
Radar/signal stationRadar/signal stationThursday Island
Milman Hill Coastal Battery
Milman Hill and Lions Lookout
FortificationsFortificationsThursday Island
Naval Fuel Storage TanksSupply facilitySupply facilityThursday Island
Torres Force Headquarters and Commander’s residence
Thursday Island Customs House
HeadquartersHeadquartersThursday Island
Torres Strait Light Infantry Battalion Camp
Battalion Tent Lines
Military campMilitary campThursday Island
6th Australian Camp HospitalMilitary campMilitary campThursday Island
Royal Australian Navy War Signals Station
RAN Naval installation
Radar/signal stationRadar/signal stationWednesday Island
Horn Island Heavy Anti Aircraft Gun Stations 442 and 443
Aircraft Defences
FortificationsFortificationsHorn Island
Dunk Island AirfieldAirfieldAirfieldDunk Island
Elliot Airfield
Elliot Airstrip
Royal Australian Air Force 44/56 Radar Station CampMilitary campMilitary campCooktown

Place type legend

  • Aircraft wreck
  • Airfield
  • Fortifications
  • Headquarters
  • Medical facility
  • Military camp
  • Naval/port facility
  • Radar/signal station
  • Supply facility