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NamePlace typeSuburb
United States (US) 13th Station Hospital
Base 2 Head Quarters (1945); Current site of Holy Spirit Primary School
Medical facilityMedical facilityAitkenvale
Aitkenvale Weir Airfield
Weir State School
Fifth Division Head Quarters
Aitkenvale Park
Antill Plains AirfieldsAirfieldAirfieldAntill Plains
Australian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (A.E.M.E.) Igloo
Kingfisher Furniture Designs
WorkshopWorkshopBelgian Gardens
Townsville War Cemetery
United States (US) Military Cemetery
CemeteryCemeteryBelgian Gardens
Bohle River Airfield
Black River
AirfieldAirfieldBohle River
Aircraft Hangar
Jerry & the Tile Makers warehouse
Army Airways Communication Service (US)
US Bomber Operations Room (or US Air Signals Igloo), Garbutt to AACS Bohle River
Radar/signal stationRadar/signal stationGarbutt
Detention Centre Cell
US Military Stockade
Internment/POW facilityInternment/POW facilityGarbutt
Garbutt Airfield
Royal Australian Air Force Base Townsville
No. 2 US Air Command Operations and Signals Building
US Air Signals Igloo, Garbutt (Nadic House)
Radar/signal stationRadar/signal stationGarbutt
Causeway Red Light District
US prophylactic station
Recreation/communityRecreation/communityHermit Park
United States 44th General Hospital
Prisoner Of War (POW) medical station
Medical facilityMedical facilityJensen
Recreation Camp, 29 Air Stores Park (RAAF)Recreation/communityRecreation/communityMagnetic Island
85th Station Hospital, Base Section Two
VD Hospital
Medical facilityMedical facilityMajors Creek
Mount Marlow Foothills Defence Positions
Town Common National Park, Mt Marlow
FortificationsFortificationsMount Marlow
Royal Australian Air Force No. 6 Convalescent DepotMedical facilityMedical facilityMount Spec
Mount St. John AirstripAirfieldAirfieldMount St. John
Aitkenvale Heavy Anti Aircraft BatteryFortificationsFortificationsMundingburra
United States (US) Army 12th Station Hospital
Private residences
Medical facilityMedical facilityMysterton
Dummy gun positions
Castle Hill
Civil defence facilityCivil defence facilityNorth Ward
Queens Park Stockade (United States)
800th United States Military Police Battalion
Internment/POW facilityInternment/POW facilityNorth Ward
Japanese bombing site (3rd Air Raid)
DPI Veterinary Laboratory
Japanese bombing sites (2nd Air Raid)
Town Common National Park, Mount Marlow
Three Mile Creek Anti Aircraft Battery
Robertson Park/Three Mile Creek Park
No.1 Wireless UnitRadar/signal stationRadar/signal stationPimlico
Rattlesnake Island Bombing Range
Jungle Warfare and Survival Training Camp
Training facilityTraining facilityRattlesnake Island
Camp McClung
US Army Remount Depot
Military campMilitary campRocky Springs
Roseneath Orderly Room "Bunker"
Private residence
Military accommodationMilitary accommodationRoseneath
Army Post Office and Advanced Supply Depot Warehouse
Ross McCartin Auctions and Secondhand
Supply facilitySupply facilitySouth Townsville
Camp Victoria Park (Base Motor Repair depot)
Victoria Park
Military campMilitary campSouth Townsville
Impact site for bombs (first air raid)
Port of Townsville
IncidentIncidentSouth Townsville
St Patrick’s Catholic Church Bell Tower and BellRecreation/communityRecreation/communitySouth Townsville
Army Signals Communications Centre (Shadow Exchange)
Stuart State School
Radar/signal stationRadar/signal stationStuart
Koala Ordnance Service Depot (Igloo Warehouse No.10)
105 Australian Ordnance Vehicle Park/Stuart Cement Works
Stuart Prison (Internees holding camp)
Stuart Creek Correctional facility
Internment/POW facilityInternment/POW facilityStuart
3rd United States Medical Supply Unit
O’Shea & Dyer Solicitors and Subway
Supply facilitySupply facilityTownsville
US Base Section 2 Head Quarters (Bayview Private Hospital)Military accommodationMilitary accommodationTownsville
Royal Australian Air Force - Central Sick Quarters, 3 Medical Receiving Station and 20 Medical Clearing Station
"Currajong” (former Ferguson familys’ residence)
Medical facilityMedical facilityPimlico
‘Y’ Station, 16 Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery, Mount St JohnFortificationsFortificationsTownsville
114th Light Anti Aircraft Artillery Gun Emplacement
Western Breakwater
11th Brigade Headquarters
Requisitioned building
Former Military BuildingMilitary accommodationMilitary accommodationWest End
Ross River Coastal Artillery Anti Aircraft Gun EmplacementFortificationsFortificationsTownsville
3 Fighter Sector Headquarters
3FSHQ, Fighter Control
Air Raid Shelter (Townsville Railway Station)
Hanlon’s Hideouts
Civil defence facilityCivil defence facilityTownsville
American Officer’s Club
Queens Hotel/Telecasters North Queensland Ltd Building
United States Army Air Corps (USAAC), Base Section Two Headquarters
AML & F Building - Australian Mercantile Land and Finance Company
American Red Cross Nurses Club
Watermark Restaurant and Bar
US Army Base Section Two (Intelligence Section) and ABC headquarters during WW2
Australian Mutual Provident Society Building (former)
Australian Officer’s Club
Seaview Hotel
US Army Section Base Two, Signal SectionRadar/signal stationRadar/signal stationTownsville
The Strand Anti-Aircraft Gun Station
Strand Park
Private Air Raid Shelter
The Rocks Guesthouse
Civil defence facilityCivil defence facilityMelton Hill
Bundock Street Bunker
Former quarry
Civil defence facilityCivil defence facilityTownsville
Cape Pallarenda Coastal BatteryFortificationsFortificationsPallarenda
United States (US) Anti-aircraft gun workshop and Royal Australian Air Force Warehouse and Offices
Dalgety & Co. Building and Sun Skill House
American Red Cross Canteen and Recreation Centre
former Australian Workers Union (AWU) building (demolished)
United States Army Post Office (APO922) - E.S.& A Bank building (English, Scottish & Australian Bank)
Henlein & Co spirit merchants (now Best & Less)
Supply facilitySupply facilityTownsville
Jimmy’s Lookout Anti-aircraft Gun & Search Light Battery
X Battery, No.1 Gun Station, 394 Heavy Anti Aircraft Battery Rowes Bay
United States (US) 8th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron
Cheviot Flats
Machine Gun positions above Tobruk BathsFortificationsFortificationsTownsville
Mount Louisa Anti-Aircraft Gun EmplacementsFortificationsFortificationsTownsville
Project 81: Operations and Signals Building, RAAF North East Area Command
State Emergency Services Centre
Radar/signal stationRadar/signal stationTownsville
Air Raid Precautions (ARP) Civil Defence Headquarters
State Government Offices, (former) Public Curators Offices
Queens Park BunkerCivil defence facilityCivil defence facilityTownsville
Stokes Street air raid shelter
Hanlons hideout
Civil defence facilityCivil defence facilityTownsville
North American Service Club
American Red Cross (for African American soldiers)
US No.1 Depot Store and Flinders No. 1 Depot
Lion Brewery, Playpen Nightclub
Supply facilitySupply facilityTownsville
United States Army Air Force Officers QuartersMilitary accommodationMilitary accommodationTownsville
Air raid shelters
Echlin St drain
Civil defence facilityCivil defence facilityWest End
Temporary Signals Office TownsvilleRadar/signal stationRadar/signal stationWest End
Woodstock AirfieldsAirfieldAirfieldWoodstock
Operations and Signals Building, 3 Fighter Sector Headquarters
103 Fighter Control Unit, RAAF Air Defence Headquarters
Radar/signal stationRadar/signal stationWulguru
Camp Hugh Street (United States Army)
Air Transport Command
Military campMilitary campWest End
Camp Hugh Street
United States Army Camp
Military accommodationMilitary accommodationWest End
RAAF 58 Radar Station, PalumaRadar/signal stationRadar/signal stationPaluma

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  • Airfield
  • Cemetery
  • Civil defence facility
  • Fortifications
  • Headquarters
  • Incident
  • Internment/POW facility
  • Medical facility
  • Military accommodation
  • Military camp
  • Radar/signal station
  • Recreation/community
  • Supply facility
  • Training facility
  • Workshop