How to contribute

After reviewing the Queensland WWII Historic Places, you may know of a story of a place that had a significant role during WWII that has not been identified on this website.  This is your opportunity to ensure that this story is recorded for the future.

How to start

If you have a place that you think should be included, conduct a search to ensure that it is not already listed. If the place is not listed, contact us with your proposal. The website manager will be able to advise on the suitability of the place and assist you with preparing your submission.

We will need to be able to verify all stories and the factual information relating to each place. Your story needs to be accompanied by evidence in the form of attributions and bibliography.

Submission of information and photographs

Please send information and images to

Please only send in ‘copies’ of the digital images that have not been manipulated.

Include with each image, a caption, the date taken and the details of the photographer with the organisation they belong to if this is applicable. When sending multiple images, please ensure that we can identify the correct detail for each image file.

Please acknowledge that the provision of images and information is also giving authority for their use on the Queensland WWII Historic Places website.