Naval Supply Depot, USN Shipping Office

Newstead Wharf

Naval/port facility
Brisbane City

35 Macquarie Street, Newstead 4006

The US Naval Supply Depot was initially established at New Farm wharf where the Submarine Repair Unit was located. Later as the Naval Base grew it became necessary to move the Naval Supply Depot to Newstead Wharf where the depot could expand as requirements demanded.


Newstead wharf was acquired by the US Navy through the Australian Army Hiring Service, and occupied from 7 December 1942. Additional facilities for the Navy were approved the Commander US Seventh Fleet and Commander Service Force Seventh Fleet. These included the Naval Supply Depot, other storage facilities, the Registered Publications Issuing Office, and the Spare Parts Distribution Centre. The Material Recovery Unit also occupied part of the Spare Parts Distribution buildings.

The US Navy vacated Newstead Wharf facilities on 5 September 1945, and it was re-occupied by its owners.


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