Camp Redbank

Redbank Military Training Area

Military camp

Montgomery Road and Smith Street, Redbank 4301

Elements of Redbank Military Camp, west of Brisbane, were established prior to the Second World War. However, upon the declaration of war with Germany in early September 1939, movements were begun to expand facilities to suit the training requirement of new recruit volunteers. Escalation of the war into 1940 and beyond, witnessed the camp scale increase to include three hospitals, including two general hospitals, and AWAS camp, and a number of rifle ranges, ordnance bunkers and supply depots.


The camp was located within the bend of the Brisbane River at Redbank, and offered good road and rail links to other camps in the western Brisbane-Ipswich corridor. The Redbank railway station serviced the camp and had a direct links to other large installations such as Camp Columbia and Camp Freeman, and direct rail links to the port of Brisbane, Hamilton, Pinkenba and Eagle Farm. Road links between Brisbane and Ipswich also ensured that the camp was well situated.

With a total camp area of approximately 300 hectares, Camp Redbank was one of the largest in Queensland. It contained the 2/4th Australian General Hospital, 7th Australian General Hospital, 2nd Australian Women’s Hospital, an AWAS Camp, the First Australian Army Weapon Training School, and the Redbank Army Stores Depot. Supporting industry and infrastructure in the area included the Redbank Meatworks and Woollen Mills, producing essential supplies for the war effort, and the Redbank Railway Station, which was used as a major transport hub for troops and supplies.

The camp was divided into quadrants, with the camp commandant located in the centre of the location at the current intersection of General MacArthur Place and Smith Street. The quadrants were listed as West Camp North, East Camp North, West Camp South, and finally East Camp South.

Following the end of the war, Camp Redbank was utilised for a time, but closed shortly after due to the superior facilities at the Camp Columbia area, further east towards Brisbane. This site became the Wacol Army Camp and saw National Service, Reserve and Regular troops in residence until the 1990s. The lower aspects of the Redbank facility, such as the rifle range on the southern side of the Ipswich Motorway and training area at White Rock, became part of the Greenbank Military area facilities.

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