Redlynch Staging Camp

16th Australian Personnel Staging Camp

Military camp

Harley Street, Redlynch 4870

The Redlynch Staging Camp, or 16 Australian Personnel Staging Camp was located in the vicinity of Harley Street, Redlynch. Also know as a Leave and Transit Depot, the Redlynch site saw vast numbers of troops pass through its gates, en-route to New Guinea and later Borneo and the South-West Pacific.


The camp was utilised as a final organisational depot prior to overseas departure. Most often troops would undertake a spell in the area en-route to the Atherton Tablelands, which housed the 6th, 7th and 9th Division camps and training areas. Or, for those troops travelling down from the range by truck to link up with the railways at Redlynch Station. From Redlynch the troops would travel to Cairns fior embarkation on a troopship.

The camp consisted of ast tented lines, simply designed to accommodate the troops. Whilst they were at the depot, they would be resupplied in preparation for departure. Should personnel become sick en-route, the 116 AGH and US Station Hospital was just south of the area. Known as Jungara Hospital, the facility was famous for scientific treatment and prevention of malaria.

The camp was lucky to have a cinema, which entertained thousands of troops during the war to prevent stagnation, boredom, thus reducing the opportunity for less honorable pursuits.


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