United States Army Post Office (APO922) - E.S.& A Bank building (English, Scottish & Australian Bank)

Henlein & Co spirit merchants (now Best & Less)

Supply facility

408-410 Flinders Street, Townsville 4810

The English Scottish & Australian Bank building in Flinders Street was requisitioned in April 1942 as US Army Post Office (APO 922). APO 922 was the number designated for postage originating from the Townsville area. The old teller’s window was revamped to make a cage for the money order and stamp clerk.

In July 1944, the APO 922 moved from here to the site of the US 13th Station Hospital at Hatchett Street, Aitkenvale.


In December 1941, the need to requisition commercial buildings and private homes for military purposes was viewed as essential due to the rapid advance of the Japanese and the lack of materials and labour available to the Allies. Buildings located in the city centre were close to telecommunication facilities and essential services and many US and Australian military units were based there.

In 2007 the basement of the building still contained the bank vault from when the building served as the E S & A Bank. WW2 era cartoon strips were pasted on the walls in several places as well as signage near the vault door indicating that it may have served as a dark room for photography during this period.


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