US No.1 Depot Store and Flinders No. 1 Depot

Lion Brewery, Playpen Nightclub

Supply facility

719-41 Flinders Street (cnr Knapp Street), Townsville 4810

The building was originally built as the Lion Brewery. In 1941 it was occupied by E G Eager & Son as a civilian automotive spare parts warehouse and garage.

The US 86th Quartermaster Company hired this building in early 1942 for the storage and issue of complete motor vehicles and parts and the repair of armed forces vehicles


The Japanese advance on the coast of New Guinea towards the mainland of Australia dictated the necessity of preparing Townsville as a reserve base for the storage of large amounts of equipment and ammunition.

Initially known as US No 1 Depot Store, it changed names in July 1942 to Flinders Depot No.1.


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