United States Army Air Force Officers Quarters

Military accommodation

23 Hale street, Townsville 4810

This large Federation style Queenslander house was commandeered by United States forces early in 1942.


Due to the gravity of the military situation at the time, private houses could be requisitioned by the military authorities. Although the Armati family owned the house they were asked to leave, however they were granted permission to live in a structure at the rear of the house. Twenty four hours later, this was connected with water and electricity by the Allied Works Council with personnel of the US Army Air Forces occupying the main house.

US pilots would use 'The 'Palms' as a place of rest and recreation after conducting bombing and reconnaissance missions in New Guinea and the Islands. Peter recalls that when they arrived at the Palms they would be so exhausted they would sleep for the first two days.

Later during the war it was also used as a billet for US and Australian Nurses and women of the WNEL (Women’s National Emergency League) with a Mrs Savage as the housekeeper.


Interview with Mr Peter Armati, May 2010.

Townsville HQS Base Section Two APO922 Telephone Directory May 1944 (authors collection).