United States Naval Anti-Aircraft Training School (Wellington Point)

US Navy Gunnery School, Wellington Point

Military camp

Main Road, Wellington Point 4160

The United States Navy (USN) operated an Anti-Aircraft (A-A) gunnery school at Wellington Point during 1943 and 1944. A detail survey of the Wellington Point reserve, a popular recreational area, was made in late March 1943, and this shows the existing reserve buildings, including a kiosk, shelter sheds and jetty. Although locals were not allowed on the site during the USN occupation, they could still use the jetty.

In April 1943 17 huts were requested from the Allied Works Council, to be built by Hancock and Gore for the USN at Wellington Point. A series of gun pits were also built along the north east shoreline.

During gunnery practice, aircraft towed large silk drogue targets over the area. These were dropped into the sea after the practice shoots, and a number of local women apparently obtained some much sought after silk as a result.


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