Miegunyah - Officer’s Club and Z Special Safe House

Miegunyah House Museum/Queensland Women’s Historical Association

Greater Brisbane

35 Jordan Terrace, Bowen Hills 4006

During the war 'Miegunyah' was requisitioned by the Commonwealth Government. In 1943 it served as a staging camp for the men of ‘Z’ Special Unit, who carried out Operation Jaywick, the secretive attack on Japanese martime vessels in Singapore Harbour. Following the successful mission, the participants were debriefed and recovered at the house.


This historic house is now utilised by the Miegunyah Folk Museum. It is also home to the Queensland Women’s Historical Association.

Built in the 1880s when local tradition was at its most opulent, Miegunyah is one of Brisbane’s most accessible Heritage Homes. Richly decorated with iron-lace balustrades, filigree columns and friezes, and furnished in the style of the late 19th century, Miegunyah is a living example of Victorian elegance and charm.