Brisbane Air Raid Precaution Central Control

Roma Street Police Station

Civil defence facility
Brisbane City

Roma Street, Brisbane 4000

Within 10 days of the outbreak of the Pacific War, Brisbane established an Air Raid Precautions (ARP) Central Control (Civil Defence) in the basement of the Roma Street Police Station. With reinforced concrete rooms, heavy, steel doors and an air filtration system, Central Control was designed to function even during heavy Japanese air raids. It was linked by telephone to Brisbane network of local police stations. In support, a Radio Control Room was established at the nearby Petrie Terrace Police Depot so communication could be maintained with mobile police units in their radio cars. The Central Control received and responded to all suspicious aircraft sittings reports as well as coordinating all Brisbane’s emergency services during bombing.


The Air Raid Precautions (ARP) Central Control for Brisbane opened in December 1941. It was strategically located in the City at the Roma Street Police Station. The building underwent alterations to accommodate 14 ARP rooms with communication corridors. Each room was protected by steel 'blast-doors', with air provided by a mechanical air induction and cleaning unit. The air cleaning purpose was to defend the Central Control against aerial poison (e.g. Mustard) gas attack.


The Telegraph 17 December 17/12/41

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