Condamine Airfield

Miles Airport

Darling Downs

Leichhardt Highway, Condamine 4416

Condamine Airfieldtypically featured two hard surfaced runways and a connecting leg of the local road in providing the traditional three runway opportunities allowing for prevailing winds. The longer strip of the two bearing 42 deg magnetic is the only one serviceable today.


Condamine Airfield was one of several airfields around the Darling Downs area which figured in folklore at least, as part of the Brisbane Line.

It appears these fields entered the strategists plan as heavy bomber fields to be utilised by American B-24 Liberator aircraft groups. The time taken to develop such airfields to a point where they could be so used was such that, fortunately, their need had largely subsided. However, with the growth of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) and its own plans to procure and develop B-24 Liberator aircraft, these fields assumed their own prominence albeit quite late in the period.

Notice also that in the siting of this airfield it was a significant distance from a servicing railway (ie. 15 km south of Miles). Others on the Darling Downs did get basic hutted camp buildings though in many cases, they were left relatively unattended for months. Eventually these were relocated to other use if not significantly ravaged by termite infestation. However, it appears Condamine Aifield missed out in this respect.

After the war, the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) passed the strips over to Department of Civil Aviation (DCA), who didn’t really see much use for it.

Google Earth aerial image shows a single runway with sealed sections at both ends.


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