Helidon Ammunition Store and Royal Australia Air Force No.2 Replenishment Centre

Army Reserve Ammunition Depot

Ammunition facility
Darling Downs

Air Force Road, Helidon 4344

Set back into sloping ground, north of the Warrego Highway at Helidon, the Royal Australia Air Force (RAAF) No.2 Replenishment Centre and Helidon Ammunition Store were constructed by the Queensland Main Roads Commission during the Second World War. The site is currently in use as a Reserve Forces Ammunition facility.


Builting in the loose formation style, the Helidon ammunition facility and replensihement centre contained bunkers that stored ordnance, supplies, records and equipment. It was serviced by road and rail, with the main rail line at Russell Siding running to the south of the site. At a cost of approximately 11,000 pounds to construct, the site remained heavily wooded for concealment and the storage areas, with their gravel floors were spaced to minismise continued damage, should an explosion occur.

The RAAF No.2 Replenishment Centre was located in the south-east corner of the main site, not far from the main road. It offered accommodation to the personnel responsible for maintaining the site.


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